Cal Poly Cycling Team

An inclusive, motivating, and supportive environment for athletes of all levels to dive into the sport of cycling.

General Meetings Wednesday’s 8 pm in 3-112 (Business building, room 112)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

From casual commuters to world-known riders, CP cycling is welcoming to all levels and skill sets.

A collection of Cal Poly students with a shared love for bikes.

“Bike riding is a good pace to see the world. My bike to me is freedom, joy, escape, and just a part of who I am.”

-Nate F. Cohen

“I’m honored to call these amazing people my friends and to feel so at home here on CP Cycling.”

Jared Zimbelman

“I bike to get outside and feel the sun warm my skin and to experience the rush of a winding descent.”

-Joshua Cagney

“The wind in my face, roaring down a hill or grinding up a mountain; cycling gets you places under your own horse power. This sense of accomplishment and joy is unmatched by any other mode of transportation. My bike becomes an extension of myself, a prosthetic, a vehicle that opens up the roads and trails—something I could not live without.”

-Elliot Robinson

News and Blogs

  • The Story of Why: A Biking Journey
    While the draw to cycling varies for every individual, there is no denying that bikes are a connective force to millions of people with one shared passion. In the United States alone, nearly 50 million people ride bikes recreationally From content commuters to dedicated racers, there is something special that allures people to the sport.Continue reading “The Story of Why: A Biking Journey”
  • Why Do You Bike?- A Series
    Cycling in its various forms taken on a wide range of meaning to every individual involved in the sport. It is evident that biking is an important aspect in many people’s lives, but how often do we ask ourselves why?
  • Same Team, New Outlook
    With a fresh new group of officers and guidance from previous core members, the Cal Poly Cycling Team is retiring some if its’ old ways and striving to create an environment rich with inclusivity and support. On Wednesday, April 20th, the team voted on a new officer core. For three weeks following the election, theContinue reading “Same Team, New Outlook”